Dear Baby…

Hello My Baby. I know your name is not baby, and it’s Daddy’s personal pet peeve when people say things like: “Oh! That’ll be perfect for Baby!” instead of “for THE baby”. Silly Daddy.

You’re about the size of a green olive right now,  and we don’t know yet whether you’re a boy or a girl. So you’ll just be My Baby for now. Besides you, Daddy and I are working on an exciting new project. You haven’t seen them yet, but I’ve made you a few soft little items I hope you’ll love. Daddy and I thought they were so cute that we decided to make more and sell them in our little shop. Ok, ok, our shop doesn’t really exist, but it’s there in this pretend world called the Internet. Our store is a little empty right now. Just like you, it’s not quite ready to come out into the world just yet. We’re hoping to get it up and running as soon as possible, but you, my little one, can take your time.

Oh, and guess what? I will get to work where you play. In fact, that’s the main reason your Daddy and I are doing this. I’m hoping I will be able to stay home doing the things I love with the people I love. Wish us luck Baby! Can’t wait to meet you.




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