Lists, I Love Lists!

Hello my baby,

Did you know that my favourite part of starting a new project is making lists? Maybe your mama is a bit of a geek, but I love seeing my game plan in list form. I’ve already finished my list of baby items (you’re gonna be one techy baby!) and my list of s*** I need to get done before you come. (By s***, I mean shitzu.) I also have my task list for my virtual shop. Boy! What a long to-do list! I love it! I mostly love laying out the road map of what I need to do (even if sometimes I don’t end up doing what I set up to do).

Some people find my method stress-inducing because it would be nearly impossible to get through my whole list, so why not give up now, but your mama doesn’t get boggled down by shitzus like that. Sure, I’ve given up loads of times before, but it brought me other places in life. To me, it’s like mapping out my travel itinerary. “I want to go there, there, and there, but maybe I’ll stop here instead and look at this flower. Oh look! A rock!”

I can’t plan every step of the way when it comes to raising you. The journey won’t be perfect, but I’ll make sure you’ll be a happy little bug. I promise. Same thing goes with Rawr Academy. It might be a long journey for your dad and me, but we’ll do what it takes.




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