Starting a Business at Any Age

Hello my large plum,

I’m very proud of us. A day after opening our own shop, your dad and I have helped your grandma Kim start her own business as a Vietnamese food vendor at Atwater Market. It’s been a tough year for Grandma & Grandpa, both of them unemployed after years of loyal service and at the age of 55. But as you’ll soon find out, your Grandma is a warrior and never sits still. I’m very proud of her for trying to find a solution based on her interests. I believe you can start a business at any age! Your Uncle Alex also approves of the idea. I think this could be a project that brings the family even closer together.

Soon, we’ll be able to bring you on a walk to visit her at the Market and taste her delicious spring rolls (you are going to love her cooking!) Here’s the flyer we did for her so that she would stand out in the pile of applicants. Hope they’ll like it! (Your Daddy is such a good graphic designer. And he’s so pretty too :D)

Love you so much,




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  1. The Global Recipe Project at is seeking authentic Vietnamese recipes. I hope you will consider participating! 🙂

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