To Start a Freelancing Career or Not to Start a Freelancing Career

Hello my little peach,

Hope you’re doing well in there. My belly has started to stick out because of you. It’s a bit funny to see how quickly my belly expands after a bite or two (or three). I’ve updated to maternity pants. I was reluctant to at first, but man are they comfier than my regular pants!
I’m finding it hard to hide my belly at work. I’ve been avoiding getting up from desk for useless reasons and lingering at other people’s desk just to chitchat. I’m just not ready to tell them yet, although I’m a week away from my 2nd trimester. 
It’s also very hard being at work these days because I simply do not enjoy work anymore. I hate the feeling of counting down to days I do not have to work, but I dread everything about it now. I dread the useless interactions with my colleagues. I dread the long meetings. I dread the projects I simply do not care for. 
I’ve been trying to find avenues to branch out as a freelancer. But that world is even more depressing from a newbie perspective. How am I supposed to not resent a 500-word SEO-friendly writing gig that only pays $5? So I’ve decided to take this blog a bit more seriously, and focus on writing content for it. Simply because I enjoy it. I’ve got a lot of planning to do! Wish me luck, little peach.
Love you,

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