Work That Makes You Proud

Hello my little baby,

I felt you move the other day. It was beautiful. We created you! You’re moving! You can hear me! You even went to your first concert (RAC is amazing!) Nothing about your development fails to delight me. You keep growing, my little orange, okay? I’m so proud of you. I carry you with exploding love in my belly. I’m sorry about all the cheese slices, ramen noodles, and pepperoni sticks — I just can’t seem to get enough of them. At your dad’s request, I’m also eating a lot of fruits. I ate an orange today and I marvelled at its size — you’re that size now! Another one of your dad’s request was for me to complete the tattoo dinosaur doll. Yesterday, I finally sat down and finished the thing. I’m so proud of it! We took a few pictures last night featuring you in my belly and put it up for sale today in our little shop. We’ve been tweaking the shop big time, making it better-looking and more SEO-friendly. What’s SEO? Um…ask your dad. It’s basically a spider’s web. To make sure they catch a fly, spiders need to create a big web. The bigger the better. To create a bigger web, they need to carefully and extensively weave each sticky spidey line together. So that’s what we’re doing for our shop, carefully and extensively choosing our titles, our words, and our social networks.

Love always,




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