Do What You Love When You’re Ready, Sort of

When my boyfriend and I decided to have a baby, it was easy. We definitely knew we wanted kids together and we just decided to start a family sooner than later. That’s a bit unconventional for most people, but waiting a few months or a few years would not have changed our decision to have kids together. It’s not an easy decision for everyone, but it was for us.
Are we 100% ready? No. Are we ever going to be 100% ready? No. The point is, that’s the same thing in business. We didn’t have everything figured out and ready before we launched our shop. We knew we wanted to. We loved the idea of starting a family business. So we simply started by opening the shop and listing a few items at a time. Then, we focused on making the now-opened shop a little better here and there. Our goal is to work at improving things day by day. And at the same time, we will learn more about parenthood day by day. When the baby comes, we’ll figure out new things that we could have never imagined before.
If we had waited before opening the shop, we may have never done it at all. And if we had waited before trying for a baby, we wouldn’t have this little avocado cocooning in my belly.
Being ready to embark on a new journey in your life doesn’t necessarily mean having all your ducks lined up in a row. It starts with a switch in your brain and a direct action to launch into it, one duck at a time. Choose something you love to do, and things will simply just happen. So go out and start it!

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