Shop Updates: One Month Later

We opened our etsy shop RawrAcademy on March 5. After a month, we still haven’t gotten any sales. However, we have managed to list over 35 items. So we’re getting there, I can feel it. Greg has been working hard at the SEO aspect of things, as well as the social media connectivity. After asking for advice on etsy forums, we’ve also tweaked our shop to get more views and clicks. People are so nice and helpful! What a lovely community!

We now have a mix of my original dino prints and Greg’s and city landscapes prints by Greg. But what I’m most proud of are my dino dolls and embroidery.

I recently got a book at the bookstore called Embroidery pour la Maison: 100 French Designs for the Home by Sylvie Blondeau. The book has inspired me to draw by stitching. And I actually found out I’m pretty good at it.

I started with an adorable Mother’s Day dino stitching. I then moved on to covering one of my dino dolls with stitching tattoos. I really like how the doll came out!

Now here’s a glimpse of my next project. Geek, much? I know.


Yesterday, we also ordered a sweet-ass camera, gift to us from my dad-in-law. It’s so sweet that Greg asked if it was okay if he could have another baby, but with the camera. Check out the Panasonic DMC-GX7C:


With this camera, we’ll obviously take beautiful pictures of our baby (the actual intended purpose), but we’ll also take beautiful shots for our shop and our blog. I can’t wait to get it!
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