Be Curious to Learn More Today

I was a very independent child. Both my parents were over-their-heads busy working minimum wage jobs. And my brother was 7 years older than me. I was definitely not cool enough to play with him.
I don’t remember a lot of playtime together with my parents. They drove me to piano, painting, Vietnamese, and swimming lessons, sure. But they never played pretend with me just for the sake of playing. They would teach me how to prepare rice, how to fold laundry, and how to scrub floors. Useful and practical things strictly. Somehow, all those times I spent playing alone, with no one telling me what to do, made me even more creative and resourceful.
I was a curious child and an avid reader. The library’s 8-book limit was not enough for me, so I often went back the next day to haul back 8 different books. I would often borrow how-to books, even from the grown-up section, to learn how to make my own whatever. And I find that that attitude has shaped who I am today. At work, I often try to learn how to do everything. I feel like the most multi-functional air-quote-Marketing Coordinator ever! When we launched our shop, I felt the exciting feeling of knowing I was going to learn so much about business just by doing. It was a similar feeling I got when I found out I was pregnant. I wonder now if creativity and resourcefulness is something I can teach my kids without resorting to my parents’ leave-them-be ways and without forcing them that way.
Whenever I shop, I often find things that I feel I can make myself. If I don’t know how, I find out how. To learn how to stitch, I bought a stitching book. Same thing with knitting. I remember once I was knitting on my parents’ couch, and my mom walked in the room, stopped, and stared: “Where did you learn how to knit?” “From a book, duh.” She simply walked away without a word, probably thinking her kid was insane for trying to learn anything from a book just for fun. To think of it, I believe I got that from my dad. He used to be the one bringing me to the library and learning new things from books. One of my favourite craft books growing up was one on learning how to make Friendship Bracelets. Man, I loved that book.
I’m constantly researching new skills online. Udemy , CodeAcademy, duoLingo, Rosetta Stone, Craftsy, Creativebug, MediaBistro, and Mastered are my candy shops. I wish I had more time just to sit there and learn. One day, I’ll write a post of “The Perfect Online Curriculum” and perhaps commit to a few courses myself for a year. I think it’s important to keep learning, even after “graduation”, and even after you have landed your target job. Don’t stop because you think you’re too old to learn something new. Even if you don’t end up doing anything with your new knowledge, at least you know where to begin, which path to take.

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