This is Our Business Game Plan

The hubby and I sat down last gloomy Sunday morning over disappointing waffles* to discuss what we wanted to do with our weekend. We both had a lot of actual work to do. And it made us both think that our current work situation needed to change pronto dente (I forget what movie that’s from. I think it was Pitch Perfect.) You know that dreaded feeling when you think there’s nowhere else left to go at your workplace? We’ve been feeling that way since forever, and that’s how Rawr Academy was conceived. But it feels like with the imminent arrival of our actual baby, we need to step up our game much more. Our goal is by the time I’m done with mat leave, I won’t need to go back to work; I’ll be able to work full-time on our shop. So here are things we need to improve:

1. Keep blogging daily (yesterday, we had more views than ever! It was so encouraging!)

2. Update the pictures for current listings (thanks to our brand-new camera!)

3. Draw more prints.

4. Finish the HTML toy series (this is going to be great! Can’t wait to show you!)

5. Improve our listing titles.

6. Translate all of our listings.

7. Create a production calendar using Trello (hey, if it works for this blog, it could work for our shop.)

8. Seek advice on improving our shop.

9. Make shop banners to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.

10. Finish business plan.

Hmm. 10 items. That seems like a lot, but it’s not like I have to do everything on my own and everything at once. That’s the beauty of partnership! I look forward to crossing things off this list.

* I haven’t given up on my waffle craving yet. I heard about this great thing called cheddar waffle. I am definitely trying to make that this weekend. (Recipe and image source:



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