Making Space for (the) Baby


Hello my little mango,

It’s Monday again. I sorta enjoy Mondays now because I get to tick off another week in my calendar until we have you in our arms. We’ve been preparing the house already, making space for you. To make room, we have to get rid of a lot of things. But there’s something very therapeutic about being able to let go of things we’ve been hanging on to for years. We still have more to do this week, but our living space feels much better. Things are where they should be. I’ve done a pretty good job weeding out my clothes already. I’m a little worried about everything we are going to receive at the baby shower — did you know your dad’s whole family was coming down here in a truck with everything they set aside for you? It’s going to be an epic event when my family meets your dad’s family. Culture clash, much? And it’s all for you, my little mango.

Next week, we’re finding out if you’re a boy or girl. We were thinking of holding an auction: highest bidder gets to know first! Isn’t that a hilarious idea? We think so.

We’ve been getting more views on our blog and shop. My dino doll tutorial and my Turntable Kitchen review were our most popular posts so far. It’s very encouraging. I think it’s the beginning of something really great. Stay tuned, my little one.

Love always,


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