App Review: Paper53

Is there a blue moon? This morning, all three of my devices – iPad, smartphone, laptop – did not want to start properly. So I’m already behind 15 minutes just trying to set up my workstation. (I usually write these posts between 7:30am and 8:00am before going to work.) I should probably try to wake up another half hour earlier to avoid these situations. I hate rushing.

On the menu today is my review of the Paper53 app. I should have started with this one first because it’s the app that launched our whole Etsy shop idea. Paper53 is a drawing and painting tool. Get the full bundle and get access to all the different paintbrushes and mixer. It’s well worth it! You’ll be able to draw up wonderful watercolour-like paintings in the matter of minutes without fussing around with different materials, paint tubes, and whatnot. It’s a true discovery app. Some of our dinos in our shop were first drawn here. We use it to sketch out new ideas or to draw up prints for our house and home.

To fully enjoy the app, you should get a fine-point stylus. I got one from Chapters Indigo website. My iPad is too old to get the pencil that was purposely designed for the app, but mine is pretty good and comes with a little plastic disk at the tip for easy gliding. If you have a newer iPad than my dinosaur iPad2, you should have more options of styluses. We also got ourselves a paintbrush stylus which I also bought at Indigo. It’s pretty good at replicating the gliding feeling of painting. I enjoy it mostly for relaxation drawing, not precision drawing.

If you look up Paper53, you will see that people have drawn amazing things with it. You can share your work directly to your Tumblr account and show the world your art. There are tons of tutorials available on Youtube that help you optimize each tool available. They’ll take you through the basics and onto more master complex shit.

I really enjoy this app because it is really easy to use. Every move feels intuitive. It’s easy to erase by using two fingers to draw a circle counter-clockwise, but it’s made in a way to act like real paper, where there aren’t any do-overs.

I’m still figuring out the colour palette – there are a bunches of empty colour slots, so I’ve always wondered if you could save a colour combination into those slots, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far. I also have difficulty sometimes swiping the panel of tools open. Instead of opening it, I always end up marking my drawing with a straight line up. It’s annoying to have to constantly erase that part, but maybe I’ve been doing it wrong.

I just realized I haven’t been drawing that much these days. Greg keeps asking me to draw more. Maybe tomorrow morning, before setting myself up to write a blog post, I can check out one Youtube channel and practice.

Here are two of the drawings I did with the Paper53 app.



P.S. I know this isn’t much of a review, more of a nod to an app I enjoy. Whatever, sue me.


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