The Business of Mother’s Day

It is strange to think I will soon be celebrating my first Mother’s Day. I used to think it was more of a Asian-mom-guilt-tripping Day because it was always one of those days that my Mom reminded me and my brother that we didn’t express our love enough to her on that particular day. I spoke about this before, but it’s always been very difficult for me to express love to my family without feeling like I’m falling into cheesy Hallmark standbys; I was simply never taught how to express love. But this year, I feel beyond grateful for this chance of mine to soon be someone’s mother (and I will find a way to express that to my Mom too, don’t worry.)

As someone who works in Marketing, it’s hard to think about Mother’s Day without rolling my eyes. “Okay, cue pink flowery Mother’s Day banners all over the website and newsletters, make sure to mention moms on Facebook, make sure all the deal images have a Mother’s Day icon…” I see right through it. All companies know this: Mother’s Day is big business. As small business owners, we know this too. Although we have one item listed for Mother’s Day, we didn’t quite leverage this special day. Personally, I feel, even more so now because I am a mom, that the business of Mother’s Day is not quite right. Don’t tell me what to get for my mom! Don’t whisper nice things for me to tell her! Let me figure it out! I don’t need a prop/cane/generic gift to fall back on to show my mom I care!

It’s like I get it now, what Motherhood stands for. I can’t put it into words just yet — it’s similar to asking someone how was their trip on the first day. But I know it’s not what they’re selling to us. Perhaps my stoic cultural background and my Marketing background is screwing me out of seeing Mother’s Day for the simple day it is, a day to say thank you to mothers for everything they’ve done for us. So until I find a better way to express it to each “mother” who have guided me in my life, I say thank you for bringing me here this far in life with a special little baby in my belly.



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