Rawr Academy’s 2-Month Anniversary

After spending a horrendous morning at the doctor’s clinic trying to see the doctor without an appointment, I’m reminded that life takes a constant supply of extra-strength patience. For example, you can’t just be pregnant and have a baby right away; it’s a 9-month waiting period, sis. You can’t just launch an Etsy shop and expect an immediate sale. You have to put yourself out there, interact with the web community, make yourself seen, improve your product, improve your shop…and obviously, you can’t do all that in a day. It takes so much patience. The beginning phase is really fun until you hit that first ceiling where you just have to wait and let things stew. I hate waiting. Especially today. But I’m trying to make the most of my day. Blogging helps. It’s 9am right now and I have to wait for the doctor to see me starting at 10am only. So I’m taking advantage of this extra waiting time to have a sit-down breakfast and to finish my blog post at one of our favourite eatery, Midi 6. It’s nice and quiet right now; I’m the only patron. I bet two socks that the music comes from Songza right now (Coffeeshop Indie playlist?)

We are celebrating this week Rawr Academy’s 2-month anniversary. Time flies when you’re waiting for your first sale. We’re not discouraged yet; we have noticed more views every day without any significant updates from us. So that’s a good sign. Our goal is just to bring more and more traffic, and one day, there will be a bite. Part of why I started this blog was to tell the story of our shop right from the beginning. It’s easy to forget that there are people behind computers making things available for other people throughout the world. Real people. With real struggles and real passion. Real patience. So here we are, at the 2-month mark, still waiting, still hoping, and enjoying every second of it.



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