Freezer Meal: Day 2 & 3

I was so elated with my success from day one that I didn’t hesitate to start chopping up my veggies to prep for my vegetable soup at 10pm after coming back from a birthday dinner at the restaurant. That’s how dedicated I am when I start obsessing about a project. (Speaking of obsessions, I WANT A SILK ESSENTIAL SAKURA BLOOM RING SLING!)

Today, day 3, I happily dumped my ready-chopped veggies & broth mix into the slow cooker in the morning, ate my breakfast English muffins, grabbed a freezer meal, and went to work. When I got back home after a long day at work and at the clinic, the soup was nearly ready and the house smelled delicious, albeit a bit too tomato-soupy. I started prepping the curry tofu to cook express on high in the slow-cooker after the soup was done. By the time hubby got home, soup was ready to serve. We put the leftover into containers to put in freezer, rinsed off the slow cooker container, and dumped in the fresh batch of ingredients for the curry tofu. I even prepped a freezer bag for future use, the same way I froze another bag of tomato soup. The soup was delicious and chunky.

After I got all of that ready, and the rice in the rice cooker to accompany the curry tofu, I prepped the black bean quesadilla that will be cooking all day tomorrow. Phew. A little bit of extra work here and there for a more economical, healthy, and easy eating solutions adapted to our lives. I think I’m getting the hang of this and actually enjoying this. Maybe one day, I’ll do a full day of cooking with friends and just swap meals for a whole month. Maybe.


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