Customized children’s story for your kid! (includes illustration)

Does your kid love story time? Is there a unique personal story you have been sharing with your kid that you wish to save as a keepsake in the form of an illustrated book? Good. Keep reading.

I’m offering something unusual, but unique. I want to write your story down on paper for your kid and family. Not only do I want to write it, I want to illustrate it, and print it out in book form for you.

Don’t have any story ideas but still want a customized book? Let’s talk! I have a billion and one stories floating in my head. Give me an idea what your kid is like and what he enjoys, and I will come up with a lovely story for you.

Why do I want to do this? I’m a mom-to-be and I’ve started writing down little stories for my little dude. Along with the homemade blankets, clothes, and toys I already have for him, it comforts me to know that I can offer him something unique that can be cherished for a lifetime.

My rate:
– Only $50 and you walk out with a book that you can put a bow on and offer to your kid. Heck, I’ll even supply the bow!

The process:
– Email me today with a short description of your story or anything you would want included in the story
– Within a week, I will email you back a draft of the story. If you like the story, but have some suggestions for changes, I’m all ears. We’ll get it right, no matter how long it takes!
– After the story is approved, I’ll spend a week illustrating the book. Again, if you have suggestions for changes, I’ll be happy to accommodate.

At this point, it would have cost you nothing. If you still love the story and want it in a book form, I will have it printed for you within one week after receiving your $50 payment (PayPal accepted). If not, no biggie. I’ll save the story for my own personal porftolio. Deal?

For an extra $15, I can narrate the book into a video form with the same illustrations from the book and words on the screen.

What I get out of this:
Experience and a story collection for my portfolio. I retain all rights to the story.


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