Getting Back on Track with Blogging

Phew! What a month it has been! I properly failed at my blogging duties, but not at my thrifty homemaker duties.

In the last few weeks,

  • I’ve learned how to sew my own purses (this one from Martha Stewart and this one from Sew Mama Sew — the link is actually to a blogger who has followed the Sew Mama Sew pattern. I love the step-by-step pictures);
  • I’ve made two foldable changing mats (out of the same fabric I made the Sew Mama Sew bag — I got yards and yards of it for only $8 at the thrift store, La Gaillarde);
  • I’ve made a baby ring sling inspired by Sakura Bloom and Upmama with this gorgeous dupioni silk fabric (am now obsessed with Dupioni silk);
  • I’ve made letter beads out of polymer clay; and I’ve started a space-themed mobile out of felt. I am on fire!
  • I’ve started drafting a novel; I signed up to the 3-day novel contest again and this time, I have no excuse like moving to back away from it.
  • I’m nearly done with the Wix webpage I made for my customized short story idea. I’m calling it Fabula Obscura. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? I’ll post a link when I’m done
  • We even purged some stuff in the bedroom to make room for the baby.

And somewhere in there, we even found time to go up to the cottage to relax, fish, and poke fires. I’m exhausted just writing about all of this.

I’m just going to keep this post short for now, but I will write updates on everything I just mentioned with pictures too.


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