Making It Work Little by Little, Day by Day, Every Day

Hello my little head of lettuce,

What can I tell you about business today? Well first of all, taking care of a business requires constant work. It can be a little bit of work if you have a 9-to-5 job like your father and I have, but constant work is required to stay on track. Your dad is much better at stealing time throughout the day to do regular work on the shop on a daily basis. I’m a little bit more scatter-brained. I was still pretty productive in the last few weeks, much more than when I used to spend hours upon hours browsing Pinterest, Netflix, and Facebook, but I work in unpredictable spurts of motivation. It works for me sometimes, but I definitely want to more efficient at it. I have to view everything in smaller parcels instead of trying to do the whole thing at once. It’s fine to work on many things at once, but you still have to remain focused about the whole process. 

What inspired me today to get back on track with blogging is Eve Martel’s post on blogging for brands. I don’t know why, it hit a chord with me. I appreciate people who inspire me, even if they’re just strangers on the Internet.

Anyway my little one, had a dream about you last night. I can’t wait to meet you.

Love always,



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