The Return of the Missing Blogger

“Oops” is the only word I can use to express my absence on this blog. I was so determined to keep it up on a daily basis! But as always, life got in the way. But I’ve kept busy.

Some little updates:

  • I’m now 32 weeks into my pregnancy!
  • I started my maternity leave early because my job was stressing me out too much (and I still don’t regret my decision!)
  • We’ve had our first few sales on our Etsy shops!
  • Found one interested person in my custom children’s story. Still got to finish it.
  • Nearly done with the nursery
  • Made a couple of silk ring slings (so gorgeous! I wish I had pictures to show!)
  • Cut my hair in a cute Korean mom hairstyle
  • Signed up to the 3-day novel contest again
  • Finished our prenatal classes
  • Signed up to prenatal aquafit lessons
  • Started pouring over Javascript lessons over the Internet
  • Actively preparing for a natural childbirth

Not too bad, right? Now that I’m home and well-rested, I’ll catch up with posts. I promise.


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