Kicking My Freelance Career Into High Gear


It is Wednesday morning. I’m sitting at Starbucks chewing my nails. The Starbucks is right around the corner from the daycare where I just left my little baby for a trial half-day. That’s right: my little baby who’s not yet 6 months is starting daycare twice a week now so that mommy can focus on establishing her freelance career before her maternity leave ends in August. It’s a huge step for me and for us as a family. We took the decision last week for early enrollment in daycare because it was proving too difficult and too exhausting to take care of a baby and try to launch something from the ground up. My goal is to eventually be able to work from home and not return to the office.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been panicking about what I was going to do once my mat leave ended. So instead of wondering, we decided to make time for me to explore my options now. It’s a minor setback for us in terms of budget, but I think we stand to gain a lot. I already feel my motivation for work firing back up, which is a welcome feeling after weeks of crawling behind a baby and cleaning up after him in a zombie state. I think now it is just a matter of using the time I have to its full potential to produce, create, and build our family business and my career. I’m nervous, I’m scared, and I worry about the future. Can I trust myself to be productive? Will something come from this new step? Wish me luck. I miss him already.

What have you done to accommodate family, work, and a fledgling business?


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