Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get to Work

I have never been more motivated to work. It is so exciting to sit down and focus on my own business. And it helps to think that I only have two solid days a week when my baby is in daycare to work. It makes all this time more valuable. One of the main difficulties I had for the first few “getting-back-into-the-grind” weeks was to plan my hours more carefully so that I’m not just sitting at home procrastinating browsing imgur and eating. After all, daycare is expensive! I need to get the money in as soon as possible! Basically, I have to make sure I make the most of my free time by pushing my projects along, even if it’s only a bit at time. So I sat down today to plan my schedule.

I know I have 5 hours per day and 2 days a week to work intensively. That’s 10 hours a week when I have to stay focused and get organized. My personal style is to work on many things at once. It’s how I work best. I find it motivates me more than just having one major item to do on my to-do list. I like to break it down in smaller parts. Here is how I plan to do it:

  • 1 hour of working on the Etsy shop
  • This involves renewing and editing listings, adding new ones, join promotion teams, create treasury lists, tracking the shop stats, and improve the shop in general.

  • 1 hour of working on my Udemy course
  • I am currently working on a Udemy course to teach French. I am developing a video tutorial that will make the learning feel more immersive, natural, and based on real-life situations and real conversations. Not just the typical: “I just arrived from the airport” scenarios. Not well-articulated and slowed-down speech. I am really excited about this project because it has the potential of bringing in passive income and hyping my position as an expert on the web. And it’s a great opportunity to share what I love about learning a new language.

  • 1 hour of drawing
  • There’s drawing that needs to be done for the Etsy shop. I am aiming to add 10 new listings per week. That’s a lot of drawing. But there’s also drawing for the children’s book series I am developing and for a special collaboration between me and an ex-colleague. This collaborative project is sure to boost my portfolio, my skills, and my notoriety. We are both very excited to see where this project could go.

  • 1 hour of planning
  • I love planning projects. I love making lists, crunching down numbers, and mapping out things to do. It just helps me see the full potential of all these projects I love to do. There is simply no better way of working! I have a little notebook I carry everywhere I go where I jot down my ideas. When I feel stuck, I simply open the notebook and get the wheels going again.

  • 1 hour of writing
  • All of my projects require a fair bit of writing. I have to write stuff for my portfolio, for the shop, for the blog, for my resume, etc. This is a time I’ve slotted myself to put all those words down on the screen. It can be for any project that is in my priority list. But this is the time to do it. Butt in chair. Write. Write. Write.

  • 1 hour of querying
  • As a freelancer, I have to put myself out there. Find the work. Search the web for open windows. Talk to others who may be able to refer you to new work. It’s constant work, so I knew it would be an important task to add to my work schedule. Just keep fishing, just keep fishing.

  • 1 hour of tutorials
  • I love learning new skills. I especially like learning at my own pace from the comfort of home. There are so many useful resources out there, whether you want to learn programming, starting a business or even just sewing. And every time I finish a course, my motivation level skyrockets. It’s with that momentum in mind that I thought it would be important for me to keep learning.

  • 1 hour of researching
  • There are many things I still need to learn as a budding entrepreneur. All of my projects require some research to make sure I’m headed in the right direction and have the proper tools.

  • 1 hour of blogging
  • I think it’s super important for me to keep blogging. This is where I can share my progress. Share my enthusiasm. Keep myself motivated. During my pregnancy, I really enjoyed blogging on a regular basis. I’m pretty bummed I didn’t keep it up the way I wanted to. But there’s no point moping about that right now. I’m back in business! The future starts today! And today, I blog!

  • 1 hour of social media
  • As with the blog, I think it’s just as important for me to keep up-to-date with the rest of the world and get myself known out there. Opportunities are out there! Be brave enough to find them!

Phew! I just typed all of this in 20 minutes. I am feeling a bit high. I could go back and edit myself better. But I think there’s something simply refreshing just to get this blog post out there just as it is. Welcome to my mind.

Are you a freelancer? What does your schedule look like?


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