Handpicked Thrift Clothes For Sale – $20 or Less Including Shipping Within Canada

I love shopping in thrift stores. I love finding those hidden gems. I love feeling for quality fabric. I love spotting unique details on garments. And I love the idea of giving discarded clothes a second chance. If I had tons of cash and tons of space, I would adopt all the wonderful clothes I find. But sometimes, I find something completely amazing, not in my size. I would then start thinking: “Who do I know that could wear this awesome thing?” So that is how I came up with the idea for Just20 (just20.bigcartel.com)

Just 20 - Handpicked thrift clothes for just $20 or less - includes shipping within Canada
Just 20 – Handpicked thrift clothes for just $20 or less – includes shipping within Canada

I wanted to do something fun with all the clothes I found. My boyfriend says I have a good eye for picking the right quality items. And I wanted to find a platform to sell all my goodies. Through my babywearing and cloth diapering swap groups, I’ve become familiar with buying, selling, and shipping items through Facebook. And I enjoy it so much! I enjoy communicating with the buyer, getting to know them, and following up with them once they’ve received their package. What was once loved by me moves onto a new home to find a second chance. I love that idea so much! I just hate Facebook.

I’ve been exploring different ways of selling it. I’ve tried depop app (depop.com/en/boojbelix) but I found it annoying that buyers had to download the app to purchase. I’ve tried selling directly on Craigslist, but people are less accustomed to having things shipped there.

So for now, I’m settling with a shop from BigCartel because I have no time to customize a website. I’m just not sure how to reach buyers right now without spending too much. Any ideas or suggestions?


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